Brock and Misty Set to Appear in ‘Sun & Moon’ Anime!

The curse of the Masamitsu Hidaka interviews is finally over!

According to Televi-Kun magazine, Brock and Misty will reunite with Ash in two Sun & Moon episodes! The episodes will air September 14th and September 21st in Japan.

Ash will temporarily return to Kanto for an extracurricular course, will see his old Pokemon at Professor Oak’s lab, and he’ll battle Brock and Misty. Brock’s Steelix can now become Mega Steelix while Misty’s Gyarados from her Advanced Generation appearance can now become Mega Gyarados. The magazine states that Brock is now a Pokemon Doctor, which was what he wanted to become when we last saw him.

Brock and Misty both appear in their original Kanto outfits, but of course their character designs are in the same “lax” art style as the current season of the anime.

Brock last had a recurring role in the Diamond & Pearl anime in 2011. Misty left the anime at the end of Johto in 2002, though she was featured in two Advanced Generation episodes in 2003 when her Togepi evolved into Togetic. Both characters have also had minor cameos since their departures, including in the end credits of the 20th movie.

It is very likely both characters will be voiced by their original Japanese voice actors. In America, however, it is highly likely TPCi will use Michele Knotz and Bill Rogers over the original 4Kids voice actors, Rachael Lillis and Eric Stuart.

Pokemon episodes are usually planned six months in advance, so it’s highly unlikely their appearances are due to backlash from fans who were upset that Brock and Misty were absent from the 20th movie. Their appearances will also reinforce the fact that the 20th movie takes place in an alternate timeline, as the director stated in interviews. That Brock is now a Pokemon Doctor also means their character continuity will be preserved here.

This news is so exciting! They’re not dead! :D

It’s also a bit odd we’re talking about Mega Evolution again when it seemed like the franchise had sorta-kinda phased it out…