‘Sun & Moon’ Card Rulings!

We now have the official rulings document for Sun & Moon:


The Burned special condition has changed from Sun & Moon going forward. Now when a Pokemon is Burned in between turns, you first put two damage counters on that Pokemon, then flip a coin to see if the Burned condition remains (heads it’s gone, tails it remains).

(Note: This rule will be in effect at prerelease tournaments, but won’t go into effect until Sun & Moon becomes tournament legal on 2/17/2017.)


== QUEENLY MAJESTY (Tsareena – SM: Sun & Moon)

Q. When you use Tsareena’s “Queenly Majesty” Ability, when the opponent reveals their hand do you get to choose which card to discard or is it random?

A. You get to choose.

Tsareena Collection Sun Moon#8 Tsareena – Grass – HP140
Stage 2 – Evolves from Steenee

Ability: Queenly Majesty
Once during your turn (before your attack), when you play this card from your hand to evolve 1 of your Pokemon, you may look at your opponent’s hand and discard 1 card.

[G][C][C] Trop Kick: 80 damage. Heal 20 damage from this Pokemon and remove all Special Conditions from this Pokemon.

Weakness: Fire (x2)
Resistance: none
Retreat: 2

== SEARCH THE PREMISES (Gumshoos GX – SM: Sun & Moon)

Q. If I have multiple Gumshoos-GX in play, can I use each of their “Search the Premises” Abilities or am I limited to only one total per turn?

A. Each Gumshoos-GX can use its own ability once per turn. So if you have two of them you can use the first Search the Premises to have your opponent reveal their hand, then use a Trainer card such as N to have the opponent shuffle their hand into their deck and draw new cards, and then use the second Search the Premises to have your opponent reveal their hand again.


== METRONOME (Clefairy – Evolutions)

Q. Can I have Clefairy’s “Metronome” copy a GX attack, and if so does it use up my “one GX attack per game”?

A. Yes you can, and yes it does. Also if you’ve already used your GX attack for the game, then you cannot choose a GX attack with Metronome. (Jan 5, 2017 TPCi Rules Team)

== DRAGON’S WISH (Dragonair – Sun & Moon)

Q. On the turn after using Dragonair’s “Dragon’s Wish” attack, when I attach any number of Energy cards from my hand do I have to attach them all at once, or can I attach them whenever I want during my turn?

A. You do not have to attach them all at once. You can attach them from your hand whenever you like during the duration of your turn following Dragon’s Wish.

Q. If I use Dragonair’s “Dragon’s Wish” attack and then on the following turn evolve it to Dragonite, can I still attach the energies or not?

A. Yes, absolutely! The Dragon’s Wish effect resides on the player, not on the Pokemon.

Dragonair Sm1#43 Dragonair – Dragon – HP90
Stage 1 – Evolves from Dratini

[C] Dragon Prayer: During your next turn, you may attach as many Energy as you like from your hand to your Pokemon.

[G][L][C] Tail Whip: 60 damage.

Weakness: Fairy (x2)
Resistance: none
Retreat: 2

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  1. Ramo0927 I am a


    At my pre-release, the owner told us all of this XD
  2. jessalakasam Floette is love Floette is life


    I dislike the ruling on Clefairy while yes it is the text of the card I just don't really like it....although using GX attacks over and over would be broken
  3. Spring Sun Warrior Aspiring Trainer
    Spring Sun Warrior


    yeah. once u use a gx attack and flip that coin, that settles it. if u gx coin is flipped, metrone/mew, any "copy" attacker cant use a gx attack because ur coin is flipped. i agree with the ruling but understand the confusion i wondered this at first too:)
  4. ronangorski Aspiring Trainer


    Also Zoroark Break :(
    don't like but make sense
  5. PikaMasterJesi Relic from the Past


    This is definitely interesting. We have rainbow Deluge in an attack, one-card Hooligans Jim and Cas, Hand Scope, and Foul Play Zoroark.

    Also, that rainbow Gumshoos GX is beautiful. It's absolutely amazing and I really hope I pull one sometime.
  6. Cloneofhim Aspiring Trainer


    Hey, looks like you have burn backwards. Heads and it's gone. Tails means it stays.
    BENDsli likes this.
  7. BENDsli Aspiring Trainer


    That's what I was thinking when I saw this. I noticed the change yesterday when I played online.
  8. HA559 Aspiring Trainer


    Clefairy is only 40hp. Using metronome for unlimited GX moves should be allowed especially since its three colourless energy requirement as well.

    Who flips the coin?


    The GX rule is an effect on the player, not an effect the Pokémon card. When you use a GX attack, no matter how you invoke it, it uses up your GX counter, not the Pokémon's GX counter. Regardless of how good or bad a given Pokémon is. You're gonna see a lot of Pokémon GX that are good, bad, and just plain useless, same as we have had with EX. We didn't start saying 'well in all honesty this EX is awful so you just get the 1 card.' 2 Prize cards each time.

    Same idea here.
    Skeleton Liar likes this.
  10. RiverShock Aspiring Trainer


    Clefairy was just an example. It's a much bigger deal for a card like Fates Collide Mew, Zoroark BREAK or Mew-EX. It's still pretty broken on Clefairy, though, since they're mostly designed to be super-powerful. Being able to get multiple in one game of some of them would be a huge deal.
  11. rickylc Aspiring Trainer

    Advanced Member Member

    I'm not sure I fully understand the burned ruling.

    if two damage counters would knock a pokemon out when it is burned, does the coin flip bring it back? (assuming the condition is "healed") or does the original placement of damage counters seal the deal?
  12. ronangorski Aspiring Trainer


    First put the two damages counters, if the pokemon was knock out by the damage, there is no reason to flip the coin, the new one will not be burned.
  13. Kontoleon Aspiring Trainer


    Ok Steenee on beanch and Deevolution spray(or something with some effect) (AZ) and Forest ,Tsareena in hand
    Evolve Tsareena, Discard a card. Deevolution spray and evolve the some turn i can discard 2nd card of the opponent deck?

    During your next turn, you may attach as many Energy as you like from your hand to your Pokemon. (Dragonair)
    The Dragon’s Wish effect resides on the player, not on the Pokemon What do you mean? i can put all my enegry On any pokemon i liked? Even if is no Dratiny line? So i can attach my energy(special or basics) from hand Saymin Ex attached again, N(or any other draw power), attach again on any pokemon i wish(no multiple just the some), (even if this doesn't on play) from a single corroless attack on a Stage 1 pokemon that is no even a GX attack?

    EDIT: If yes he looks like Magnezone ability from Light Pokemon
    Last edited: Jan 22, 2017
  14. RiverShock Aspiring Trainer


    Once you've used the attack, the Pokemon that used it is completely irrelevant. It just makes it so during your next turn, instead of 1 attachment, you have unlimited. I think you're overestimating it a little, though. Aside from the fact that you can use Special Energy with this (which gives it some niches I guess), this is actually much SLOWER than a Pokemon like Boundaries Crossed Blastoise or Breakthrough Magnezone since it requires you to use an attack. It's also a once-off, unlike a Pokemon like Blastoise or Magnezone, which you can do on multiple turns. It's realistically not going to see any play, especially after Double Dragon Energy rotates.
  15. Mr. Rhyperior The Drill Pokemon. An evolve form of Rhydon.
    Mr. Rhyperior


    I wish the site which allows me to play TCG for free still updating, I want to play all of those cards in Sun&Moon. Does it mean that someone plays Premise Gumshoes?
  16. jessalakasam Floette is love Floette is life


    which site I want to try SM decks :p
  17. Kontoleon Aspiring Trainer


    Tnx you from the information. I just try to understand (on theory) the effect of this attack and no to tell that this card is "baned or overpower". On action we see soon if this attack is powerfull or not(probable not) And sorry if you i "attack" on forum.
  18. VillagerHoss Pokemon Connoisseur, TCG Player and Collector


    In other words, you can use one type of GX-move (or copy a GX-move), but you can use a certain GX-move more than once per game, as long as, say, you use Switch to move another Gumshoos GX to be your Active Pokémon?
  19. BENDsli Aspiring Trainer


    The reference is to Gumshoos' ability, Search the Premises, not its GX move, only one GX move may be used per player per game, but more than one ability may be used per turn, even if they have the same name (unless otherwise stated on the card/in the ability). If you have 2 in play, you can use one, see what they have in their hand, use N/Illama, then check their hand again.
  20. Otaku The wise fool?


    There is always the official Pokémon TCG Online; while you've got to earn most of your cards, it doesn't have to be through investing money. I've got a massive collection on there, and while it has been a sizable time investment, I haven't spent a dime. FYI, that includes four Shaymin-EX (ROS) cards (three regular and one FA), so it isn't like I'm just building budget deck after budget deck.

    Obviously, this is nowhere near as convenient as the totally free (and sometimes legally questionable) online programs. They are wonderful for testing out cards you do not have or allowing you to easily replicate your physical deck. The PTCGO can do the latter, but redemption codes just unlock a semi-randomized booster that corresponds to said pack, not one that contains the exact same cards. Of course, if you are already buying physical product first hand (meaning you have redemption codes), I see no reason to not at least dabble in the PTCGO.
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