Burned Special Condition Likely Returning to the TCG, New Ruling Change

Burn Special ConditionPokemon Card Laboratory has posted a ruling change for the “Burned” Special Condition, likely indicating it will return to the TCG with Collection Sun and Collection Moon.

Burn was first introduced to the TCG in 2002’s Expedition and was last seen in 2013’s Legendary Treasures. Because it has not been used on a card in a few years, many thought it had been removed from the game.

Before, Burned required you to flip a coin between turns and, if tails, place two damage counters on the Burned Pokemon. With the new ruling change, Burned now requires you to automatically place two damage counters on the Burned Pokemon between turns and then flip a coin to determine if it will remain Burned.

A Burned marker will also be included in Japan’s Sun & Moon Premium Trainer Box, which is yet more proof it’s returning to the TCG.