‘Sun & Moon’ Booster Packs Still Listed at $3.99 and 10 Cards Per Pack

Some fans are worried the cost of booster packs will go up now that we know Sun & Moon‘s booster packs will contain 11 cards (technically 12 if you count the PTCGO code card).

Well, put your mind at ease — I should have checked this when posting yesterday’s news (I was posting from the cold, dirty parking lot of Wal-Fart :x), but the product documentation for Sun & Moon still says the booster packs contain 10 cards. Their price remains unchanged at the standard $3.99 per pack. So why would it say there’s 10 cards per pack when there’s now 11 with the extra Basic Energy?

Remember how I pointed out the Basic Energy don’t have a set symbol or set number? It seems TPCi’s logic is that the Basic Energy don’t count as part of the booster pack’s contents, just like the PTCGO code card doesn’t count. The Basic Energy, like the code cards, are “extras” that have nothing to do with the set. “Freebies” from TPCi. By classifying them this way (assuming I’m right about TPCi’s logic), TPCi prevents the MSRP from rising.

This observation also means that we should expect future sets to still have 10 cards per pack. As in, Sun & Moon is a special case with the extra Basic Energy. Unless they’re going to make Basic Energy available with every set, which is doubtful. But once in a while? Maybe!

I’m betting that TPCi knows the extra Basic Energy will increase the perceived value of Sun & Moon‘s booster packs, which is why they didn’t increase the MSRP (they’ll probably sell a lot more this way). So while the MSRP should still be $3.99, you’ll probably want to snatch up the packs while they’re out since the secondary market will likely decide to make them worth much more in the future (as we saw with Roaring Skies).