‘Sun & Moon’ Boosters Reintroducing 11 Cards Per Pack, New Reverse Holo Style!

We’ve known about this for a while, but the cat’s now out of the bag thanks to social media!

Sun & Moon‘s booster packs will contain 11 cards instead of 10, reintroducing a Basic Energy as the 11th card just like the old Base Set days! In other words, you will now be guaranteed to pull one of the beautiful new Basic Energy cards at the back of each pack!

Unlike all previous sets with Basic Energy cards, each of Sun & Moon‘s Basic Energy are unnumbered. They do not have a set symbol.

We are uncertain if future sets will also release 11-card booster packs or if Sun & Moon is a special case.

Sun & Moon‘s pack contents will otherwise remain the same as before: 5 commons, 3 uncommons, 1 reverse holo, a rare, a PTCGO code card, and the additional Basic Energy. For this set, Pokemon-GX will take the place of the rare card. Full art cards will take one of the common cards’ slots, meaning you can technically get 1) a full art, 2) a rare holo or Pokemon-GX, and 3) a rare reverse holo all in one pack if you’re ultra lucky (assuming all packs with a full art do not specifically exclude a rare holo or Pokemon-GX from the rare slot).

Sun & Moon is also introducing a new reverse holo style that features the card’s Energy type prominently in the background:


I also forgot to mention in previous news stories that the set’s three theme decks are officially being released this weekend, meaning two weeks before the set hits store shelves. This early theme deck release may continue with future sets as well.

The set’s prereleases take place this weekend and next weekend. You can use the Event Locator on Pokemon.com to find one near you. The set will be released in stores on February 3rd.

You can check out this video from PokedeX1 for a sneak-peek at the rest of the set! To see what was in the Japanese set, check out this story.

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