Strengthening Expansion Pack, Best of XY Pack, and Ash VS Team Rocket Deck!

Sm2 Strengthening Expansion Best Of Xy Ash Vs Team Rocket Deck

Three new Pokémon TCG products will be coming to Japan on April 19, 2017!

The first is an extension of the Sun and Moon TCG series entitled Strengthening Expansion Pack: Beyond A New Challenge that will correspond with the second Sun and Moon era set, Islands Waiting for You/Moonlight of Alola. As previously reported, a similar Sun and Moon Strengthening Expansion Pack is being released on January 27th. Since it’s still unknown exactly what these Strengthening Expansion Packs will entail, or why there is information censored on the bottom of the dummy pack art, hopefully we will learn more in the coming months. A single pack of the set will retail for ¥230, and they will also be available in booster boxes of 20 packs.

Additionally on the same date, another “high class” pack will be released: The Best of XY. Based on the title, it may be a reprint set of cards from the XY era. The pack art is only dummy art for now, but features Rayquaza, Yveltal, and Greninja. Booster packs for this set will cost ¥500, and each booster box contains ten packs. The last product being released in April is a special deck set that will correspond with the anime titled Ash VS Team Rocket. In addition to Ash, Jessie, James, and Pikachu, the box art also features a Togedemaru and Mimikyu. A deck set will cost ¥1650 and appears to contain two 30 card decks.

UPDATE: Some new product information has been revealed about these two sub-sets. Strengthening Expansion Pack: Beyond A New Challenge will include 49 cards total (not including secret cards), and The Best of XY will contain a whopping 171 cards total (again, not including secrets), and 128 of those cards will have as mirror holo variants.