Pokemon Moving to Disney XD; Debut of Volcanion / Magearna Movie!

Dinsey XdPokemon.com has just announced that the Pokemon anime will be moving from Cartoon Network to Disney XD in 2017! This is the fourth time the anime has moved — it was first on UPN, then moved to Kids’ WB, then to Cartoon Network, and now to Disney XD.

To celebrate the anime’s move to its new home, Volcanion and the Mechanical Marvel will premiere on the channel on December 5th. Afterwards, a dubbed episode preview of Sun & Moon will debut.

A second Engilsh-dubbed trailer of Volcanion and the Mechanical Marvel has now been posted to Pokemon’s YouTube channel. In case you didn’t already know how to pronounce their names, the trailer shows that Volcanion’s name is pronounced “Vawl-kay-nee-un.” Magearna’s name is pronounced “Muh-gear-nuh.”

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  1. Tails The Blonde Brainiac

    Forum Mod Advanced Member Member

    I think this is a lateral move by moving the anime from Cartoon Network to Disney XD. Maybe they can make it work; I hope they can. A new region, a new season of the anime; I think this would be the perfect to change networks.

    It's just weird that we'll soon be seeing Pokemon on a Disney station.
  2. Ashkai & Pikan I'm broken, can you fix me?
    Ashkai & Pikan


    This is going to be really weird... Now to go and change the recordings!
    One question though: Will the rest of XYZ be airing still on Cartoon Network?
  3. SpunkyBandy Aspiring Trainer


    Does this mean that the Sun and Moon anime dubbing cast are getting an overhaul? Even for the soundtrack now that it is in Disney Channel's hands?
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  4. Woo!

    We don't get Cartoon Network in Canada but we get Disney XD.
  5. swapforce1 Shaymin lover


    Let's face it. We are all gonna youtube to mp4 the english sub. And even if you want the dub youtube to mp4 it. DOWN WITH DISNEY. Wow. they own the copyrights to star wars , marvel and the pokemon anime now. You might as well let them print their own money.
  6. PikaMasterJesi Relic from the Past


    This may just be my own personal bias, but Pokémon deserves a much better channel to air on than Disney. Pokémon, an awesome IP and a decent show, will be airing with the likes of whatever Disney puts out these days? I'm kinda disappointed.

    I actually have CN and I'm also in Canada. I believe anyone who had Teletoon Retro when it shut down got it in its place. YTV also airs Pokémon episodes, although it's pretty far behind on airings compared to the US.
  7. jessalakasam Floette is love Floette is life


    This may be a little off topic but Disney has some amazing shows like Gravity Falls and Star Vs. the Forces of evil : P also, they made it even more obvious that they're copying Yo-Kai Watch :/
  8. Chiramijumaru that's my name


    So the network that thought that canceling Kick Buttowski was a good idea are airing this?

  9. Sabaku Aspiring Trainer


    Hey, at least they aren't on Nickelodean, where good ideas are born in the production studio and go to die in the corporate office.
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  10. Believ Aspiring Trainer


    This could be ok, disney is always willing to throw millions into things to make sure they get attention, imagine all the people that will be picking up pokemon that haven't yet! (hard to believe right? but with disney its now strongly possible)
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  11. VeedraForce Misty's Husbando


    Odd, but not too far off from understandable. Disney's had Digimon in the past, and even has Yokai Watch now. They're certainly rolling in cash with the acquisition of star wars, Pokemon just further pushes them, which hopefully means more money being pushed back into pokemon as far as advertising, etc. Though I'm unfamiliar with how the networks effect the actual shows/series, nor a big fan of the anime to care too much.
  12. PikaMasterJesi Relic from the Past


    Yeah, very true. Nickelodeon's been in a bit of a... slump.
    But the former two are probably some of the only good things on that channel. After that, you just get superheroes, Yo-Kai Watch, and anything else Disney green-lighted.
  13. Xemik Trash battler


    I miss when Digimon was on Disney XD, they did a great job pushing Data Squad through commercials and such. On the other hand, Nick's lack of advertising for it has made me completely forget that Digimon Fusion actually airs(aired?) on there.

    So I'm confident in Disney XD's ability to make Sun & Moon a success. And heres to hoping that Digimon Applimonsters gets a dub on there as well.
  14. cardgjammer Aspiring Trainer


    With six or seven episodes left until the end of XYZ(depending on whether the team flare ending counts as one episode rather than 2), and this development, since we have yet to know a date in 2017 when the anime's move takes effect in full, if the move is slated for the week of January 7th, I wonder if either the XYZ finale, or even worse, the end of Team Flare, will be skipped due to 5 Saturdays remaining until 2017, when Disney XD is slated to take the airing reins from CN, as you already know...

    ^ If so, I wonder if it will move to DVD and/or Netflix in the same vein as Mewtwo Returns(aired in Japan as normal, but moved to DVD in the USA). If it moves to Netflix, then it's official: The last of Team Flare will get the same treatment as the final season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars(CGI)(in a sense, as any show that moves to Netflix-only to end an arc or series means "too bad: if you can't afford to pay subscription fees for Netflix, you'll miss out on the conclusion of the arc in question")...

    ^ I feel the sorrow of those that prefer to watch it for free, but can't due to such "wind-down decision-making"...

    ^ Either that, or maybe CN will double the half-hour slot of pokemon for weeks 2-3 of December, then marathon mode on Christmas Eve, followed by the final two eps before maybe signing out for the night to Adult Swim(unless Santa's arrival down the chimney at that time means a total sign off for the night, indicated by a still-frame spectrum color screen that holds until next morning)...

    ^ However, if they don't double up the half-hour to full-hour of new episodes of pokemon next week(on December 10th), I just hope that Disney XD picks them up on the marathon before M19 airs, so we don't have to worry about crunch time decisions involving dropping some episodes to the "Lost Episode" bin...

    ^ ...just so that people are not disappointed by the loss of one or more episodes...
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  15. tam123401 Aspiring Trainer


    WHEN does pokemon sun and moon broadcast on Disney??