Pokemon Moving to Disney XD; Debut of Volcanion / Magearna Movie!

Dinsey XdPokemon.com has just announced that the Pokemon anime will be moving from Cartoon Network to Disney XD in 2017! This is the fourth time the anime has moved — it was first on UPN, then moved to Kids’ WB, then to Cartoon Network, and now to Disney XD.

To celebrate the anime’s move to its new home, Volcanion and the Mechanical Marvel will premiere on the channel on December 5th. Afterwards, a dubbed episode preview of Sun & Moon will debut.

A second Engilsh-dubbed trailer of Volcanion and the Mechanical Marvel has now been posted to Pokemon’s YouTube channel. In case you didn’t already know how to pronounce their names, the trailer shows that Volcanion’s name is pronounced “Vawl-kay-nee-un.” Magearna’s name is pronounced “Muh-gear-nuh.”