Magearna QR Download on December 5th! has just announced that on December 5th they will be releasing a QR code to download Magearna to Pokemon Sun and Moon. Only players who have beat the game will be able to obtain Magearna.

The code will be available on December 5th because Magearna and Volcanion’s movie will be debuting on Disney XD that day. Disney XD will be the new home of the Pokemon anime starting in 2017.

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  1. blahblahbal Aspiring Trainer


    Uhhh... why is this labeled as TCG?
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  2. Apterous Aspiring Trainer


    Just a note - the QR code expires March 5th, so you have some time to beat the game before this goes away.
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  3. Metalizard Aspiring Trainer


    What kind of stupid requirement is that? Beating the league to obtain an event??
    I was planning on taking my time to play the game, probably after Bank updates so I can transfer Synchronizers and Ditto for breeding...
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  4. Tails The Blonde Brainiac

    Forum Mod Advanced Member Member

    Seems fair to me, locking Magearna behind a wall until you beat the game.

    But, granted; it's not going to take all the long for a lot of people to beat the game.

    So, keeping it until March 5th is fair to everyone. Those who can beat the game quickly, and those who want to enjoy everything and soak up the atmosphere shouldn't feel rushed to beat the game when December 5th rolls around.
  5. TheUltimateAbsol Truth or Ideals? It's all Black and White to me


    I remember a time when Diancie was distributed right near the launch of ORAS.
    I also remember a time when I used Diancie on my team and wrecked everything with a single overpowered move...
    I think it will definitely enhance gameplay, quality, and strategy to allow people not done with the game yet to use Magearna. It definitely won't be abused to beat every opponent, cutting short gameplay and meaning, and in turn ruining the game. No, not at all :)
  6. Sentret_C Aspiring Trainer


    Or maybe it would be a good idea to unlock transferred Pokemon leveled 70+ after the league.