Pokemon Releasing $2000 ‘Pure Gold’ Pikachu Card

Gold PikachuThis one will be on all the clickbait sites soon…

To commemorate Pokemon’s 20th anniversary, The Pokemon Company in Japan is releasing a special Base Set Pikachu card made out of actual gold! The card will cost a whopping $2,000. The card will come inside a special case with a cover that goes over it. The Pikachu is the original card from Base Set, not the remade one from Evolutions.

The Pikachu is described as being made of “pure gold,” though preliminary information doesn’t discuss what this actually means. The Burger King Poke Balls from the ’90s were also made of pure gold, but in their case, they were just gold-plated. So for this product we’re not sure what it means to be made of “pure gold.”

The card will be available for pre-order from October 18th to November 7th on Japan’s Pokemon Center website and the online store 7net.

Who’s gonna break open their piggy banks for this one? Maybe we can all do it, then share the card? :p Thanks goes to Bangiras for the translations!