‘2016 World Championship’s Deck’ Product Images!

 Magical Symphony World Championship 2016 Deck Ninja Blitz World Championship 2016 DeckBebe World Championship 2016 Deck Black Dragon World Championship 2016 Deck

We now have exclusive product images of 2016’s World Championship Decks, which will be released on November 9th for $12.99 each. Each deck will come with a pin, a deck box, and a booklet. This year’s decks feature:

  • Shintaro Ito (Japan) — Mega Audino-EX — Masters Division Champion
  • Cody Walinski (United States) — Greninja BREAK / Talonflame — Masters Division Runner-Up
  • Jesper Eriksen (Denmark) — Vespiquen / Yanmega BREAK — Senior Division Champion
  • Shunto Sadahiro (Japan) — Yveltal / Darkrai-EX — Junior Division Champion

Remember, all of these World Championship Deck cards have special backs. They aren’t legal for tournament play.