‘Evolutions’ Cards to Feature Similar Holofoil Paper as Original ‘Base Set’ Cards!

Clefairy Evolutions Base Set Japanese Base Set Comparison
Evolutions Clefairy (2016), Base Set Clefairy (1999), Japanese Base Set Clefairy (1996)

PokeBeach reader Jeremy R. was able to purchase a few Evolutions cards early from eBay and has posted them online. His pictures reveal that holo Evolutions cards will be printed on a holofoil paper similar to the type that was used exclusively for American Base Set, Jungle, and Fossil cards. However, it’s not exactly the same, as it features a variety of different stars.

Japan’s Base Set cards were originally printed on galaxy holofoil paper, which is the same type of holofoil paper used for most holo cards throughout the TCG’s history. So Japan’s 20th Anniversary Set was also printed on the same paper, as it’s still readily available.

We weren’t sure if America’s Evolutions cards would honor the original American holofoil paper, especially since it hasn’t been used since 1999 and was printed under Wizards of the Coast. But luckily TPCi did their best to match it!

His pictures also reveal the reverse holo paper will be the same as other sets:

Evolutions Cards