‘Rayquaza vs. Keldeo Battle Arena Deck’ Product Image!

Keldeo Rayquaza Battle Arena DeckAs previously reported, the new Battle Arena Deck featuring Keldeo and Rayquaza will be released on September 21st. The package contains two 60-card decks focusing on Rayquaza-EX and Keldeo-EX. We now have a product image of the deck that confirms that the Keldeo-EX is from Boundaries Crossed and Rayquaza-EX is from Dragons Exalted.

Each 60-card deck comes with the featured Pokemon-EX, eight holo basic Energy cards (likely eight Water Energy in Keldeo’s case), and tournament-level Trainer cards like VS Seeker, Professor Sycamore, and N. Each package of two decks comes with two metallic coins, two deck boxes, two sets of damage counters, a PTCGO code card to play the decks online, and a quick play guide.