‘Steam Siege’ Prerelease Card FAQ

Pokemon has sent out a FAQ for Steam Sage in anticipation of questions that might be asked regarding its cards at prereleases this weekend. To see what will be in Steam Siege, check out this news story. To find a prerelease near you, use Pokemon.com’s event locator.


== PLAY BALL (Foongus – XY: Steam Siege)

Q. Can I use Foongus’ “Play Ball” Ability to retrieve any Ultra Ball, Great Ball, Dive Ball, Repeat Ball, etc. cards from the Discard Pile?
A. No, Play Ball only works for regular Poké Ball cards.

96 Talonflame XY11== GALE WINGS (Talonflame – XY: Steam Siege)

Q. Talonflame’s “Gale Wings” Ability says if it’s in your hand when you are setting up to play, you may put it face down as your Active Pokemon. But what if your opening hand has no Basics?

A. If your opening hand has no Basics but you do have Talonflame, you can either 1) choose to put it out as your Active Pokemon or 2) show you have no Basic Pokemon and mulligan. You may decide.

== WONDER LOCK (Klefki – XY: Steam Siege)

Q. Can I use Klefki’s “Wonder Lock” Ability if Klefki doesn’t have any cards attached to it?
A. Yes, you may.


== CHARGE ORDER (Pawniard – XY: Steam Siege)

Q. Does Pawniard’s “Change Order” attack only include Pawniard in play, or does it also include any Pawniard cards in the Discard Pile?
A. It only counts Pawniard in play, including itself. It does not include any in the Discard Pile.

M Gardevoir EX XY11== DESPAIR RAY (M Gardevoir-EX – XY: Steam Siege)

Q. When I discard my Benched Pokemon for M Gardevoir-EX’s “Despair Ray” attack, does my opponent get to take prizes for them?
A. No, you are discarding the Benched Pokemon, not knocking them out.

== POISON UP (Croagunk – XY: Steam Siege)

Q. If I use Croagunk’s “Poison Up” to attack the same Defending Pokemon on successive turns, does the amount of damage counters due to Poison increase? For example, the first time I use it the poisoned Defending Pokemon starts taking 3 more damage counters between turns, then if I use it again it starts taking 6 more damage counters (3+3), then 9 more damage counters (3+3+3), and so on?
A. Yes, each time you use Poison Up it increases the amount of poison damage by “3 more” than what the Defending Pokemon was already taking at the time of the attack.


Captivating Poke Puff Card== CAPTIVATING POKE PUFF (XY: Steam Siege)

Q. If I use Captivating Poke Puff and put one of my opponent’s Basic Pokemon on the bench that has an Ability (like Shaymin EX’s “Setup”), does the opponent get to use that Ability right away?
A. No, Captivating Poke Puff does not trigger any coming into play Abilities.

Q. Captivating Poke Puff says to put any number of Basic Pokemon you find in your opponent’s hand onto their Bench. Does this allow you to put more than 5 Pokemon on the bench?
A. No, Captivating Poke Puff does not allow you to exceed the normal limits of the game. You can put any number of Basic Pokemon onto your opponent’s Bench up to the maximum size of the Bench.

103 Ninja Boy== NINJA BOY (XY: Steam Siege)

Q. When I use Ninja Boy to swap out a heavily damaged EX Pokemon for one that is not an EX, if there’s enough damage to KO it does the opponent take one prize or two?
A. Since the swapped in Pokemon is not an EX Pokemon, your opponent takes only one prize card for the Knock Out.