New Bear Pokemon Kiteruguma and Ghost Pokemon Mimikkyu in ‘CoroCoro!’

This month’s issue of CoroCoro has revealed two new Pokemon!

Kiteruguma MimikkyuKiteruguma is Normal / Fighting bear. Its Abilities are Klutz and a new one named Fluffy. It’s a cute Pokemon that will always hug its Trainer but it’s also extremely dangerous and can break anything in half (so if your its Trainer, you have to watch out). Alola’s residents even put up signs to warn people about wild Kiteruguma.

Mimikkyu is Ghost / Fairy. Its Ability is a new one named Disguise. This Ghost Pokemon loves the darkness and hates sunlight, so it covers itself with a Pikachu veil to avoid it. The magazine warns not to look under its veil or you may come down with an affliction.

This timid Ghost Pokemon has modeled its veil after Pikachu merchandise that was popular 20 years ago because it wants to make friends with humans just like Pikachu. Its eyes peek through the lower body of the Pikachu veil and its black body can extend from under the veil to strike its target. The part that resembles Pikachu’s tail seems to be a wooden accessory it holds to complete the Pikachu look, as you can see in the last scan where it’s either sleeping or has left the veil behind.

Will this Pokemon be the new Diglett? “What’s under it?!”

 Mimikkyu 3 Mimikkyu 2