XY11 Secret Rares!

Volcanion EX FASteelix EX FAM Steelix EX FAPokemon Ranger XY11 FAVolcanion EX Secret XY11
Magearna EX XY11 FAGardevoir EX FAM Gardevoir EX FA XY11Pokemon Ranger XY11 FA CT Gardevoir EX XY11

Last week the official Pokemon Card website decided to reveal XY11 Explosive Fighter / Cruel Traitor a week before it was to hit store shelves. This was because Japan’s Nationals would only be a few days after the set’s release, and they wanted to give players enough time to study the cards. They did not reveal the secret rares at the time, but now because the set is leaking online, we’re starting to receive them from PokeBeach readers in Japan. This post will be updated throughout the night as we receive more, so be sure to keep checking back!