‘Pokemon GO’ to Work with Virtual Reality Headsets

Google Cardboard Virtual RealityThis news is several months old, but I keep forgetting to post it. I have not seen anyone in the community report it, so I guess I should post it now before the Pokemon GO conference later today. (Check back here at 10 AM PT for coverage of that.)

As revealed by tech gear website SlashGear, the decompiled code for Pokemon GO has revealed the game is programmed to work with virtual reality headsets such as Google Cardboard. When you wear the headset with your smartphone connected, this means you should be able to see Pokemon in their real-world environment in an Augmented Reality setting. In other words, you’ll be fully immersed in the game’s visuals as if you’re in the actual video game.

The game’s code for the virtual reality compatibility is currently inactive in the beta, but that will probably change at some point — likely when the game sees its full release. It’s not surprising the game would be compatible with Google Cardboard considering Niantic has ties to Google. According to SlashGear’s sources, the game’s VR capabilities are being tested by both Google and The Pokemon Company.

Perhaps one day we’ll actually be able to walk around with these virtual reality headsets on and see Pokemon around us in our real world.

Thanks goes to my film school friend Paisley S. for alerting me to this story! She’s spearheaded many virtual reality projects, so for her to show me this means it’s a big deal. :p