The Elusive Shaymin-EX in the PTCGO

You’ve tried everything you can! You have saved, fought and begged to try and get your Shaymin-EX on the PTCGO (Pokemon Trading Card Game Online) but nothing seems to work. Your hard work to get a Shaymin EX just never seems to pay off. Well look no further! Here I’ve come up with some tips that I used to help get those Shaymin EXs so you can finally build those decks you’ve been unable to build. Here we go!

The beginning:

To begin your journey towards your Shaymin-EX, there are a few things you need to prepare for. If you don’t want to spend money on packs or codes, you are going to have to sacrifice a lot of your cards to get a Shaymin EX. Patience is also a something to prepare for because not everyone is willing to separate with their Shaymin EXs. Now that we have that out of the way, here are a few tips to help you out.


To begin, you will need to trade your unwanted cards for packs. Nobody wants to trade their Shaymin-EX for a whole bunch of EXs or Regular cards, so you gotta turn those EXs and Regular cards into packs. The easiest way to do this is to post your trades on the public trade. That way they will stay up even when you aren’t playing, and anyone can see your trades so they can easily accept them. Another thing to note while trading is the price of your cards. Do not post a single common for two packs. No one will accept that. Instead, offer commons and uncommons in bunches of 15-20 for a pack. That way it becomes an even trade and is more likely to get accepted. Some packs are also worth more than others. Roaring Skies is worth more than most of the other sets available but is the most sought after. So when trading, if you want Roaring Skies packs instead of any other packs, you will have to trade a bit more for those than other packs. But you are still able to get Shaymin EX with packs other than Roaring Skies, you just have to be patient and wait for someone willing to trade for those packs.

Know the Price:

Another thing to keep in mind when trying to get your Shaymin-EX is the price of it. The price can change weekly, and sometimes daily so you have to keep in mind how many packs Shaymin EX is worth at the time. The best way to find out the price of Shaymin EX is to go to the trading chat and see what others are offering for Shaymin EX at the time. Then you are able to base your trades off of theirs to get the best deal you can.


When you get packs, most people are tempted to open the packs for the chance of getting something good. DO NOT do that. The cost by opening packs and hoping to get the card you want is much higher than just paying the packs for it. Saving your packs for the card is much more cost efficient and you are always guaranteed to get it. So back to Shaymin-EX. DO NOT open your Roaring Skies packs in hopes for a Shaymin EX, save them and trade for one instead that you are guaranteed to get.

Using your Coins:

This part is optional but if you don’t mind spending your coins, you can buy Roaring Skies packs for 200 in game coins, which are trade locked so you can open those and try your luck with the packs. This is completely optional and not the best strategy but it boosts your chances at getting multiple Shaymin-EX.

Buying Real Packs/Codes:

This is for those who are willing to spend money to get a Shaymin-EX in the game. In each Booster Pack, there is a code that allows you to get a free Booster Pack on the PTCGO. These Booster Packs are tradable in the game, so you can use those packs to help you trade as well. This can get pretty costly, but if you are willing to buy the packs for your Shaymin EX, then you don’t have to trade away your cards in the game as well.


These are all the tips I used to help me get Shaymin-EX on the PTCGO. You can also use these tips for basically any card you want but I have noticed that almost everyone is looking for Shaymin EX so I decided to try and help those people out. Hopefully this Article helped you in some way and good luck on getting those Shaymin EXs!