New ‘Pokemon Champions’ Tins at Wal-Fart!

Pokemon Champions TinsPokemon Champions Tins Back

PokeBeach member PokeDan23 has spotted new “Pokemon Champions” tins at Wal-Mart stores in Canada. Each tin features a reprint of either Gyarados from Ancient Origins, Machamp from Furious Fists, or Gengar from BREAKthrough; the cards are printed on galaxy holofoil paper. The tins also come with three booster packs. Each tin costs $19 CAD, which will be cheaper in U.S. dollars if these are released here.

This is an official TPCi product; it is not a product repackaged by a third party company like those “Mystery Power Boxes.” The reason I  haven’t posted about these tins before is because they are likely an exclusive product for Wal-Mart stores, similar to the Zoroark Pin Blister at Gamestop. Exclusive products are rarely released, but from what I can tell, they are handled directly by TPCi and the specific store rather than an intermediary distributor like most Pokemon TCG products. Distributors sell and advertise TPCi’s products to hobby shops and retail chains so they can put them on their shelves, but no distributor is needed if the product is an exclusive deal between TPCi and a specific store. Therefore, we don’t hear about exclusive products ahead of time unless TPCi or the store go out of their way to tell us.