Has Anyone Opened These? Curious About What's Inside...


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I saw these at Wal-Mart. Has anyone opened them? I'm just curious about what's inside.


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Those aren't officially released products. I've never seen the tins before and can't speak to anything inside.

The repack on the bottom is at least real product, but I've heard reports of loose cards being glued (yes, glued) to packs inside and the company not knowing what certain things are, e.g. advertising a POP pack when it's really a dollar store 3-pack.


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Yeah far as i know theres no Official Gengar tin but now im curious if it has Legit cards in it or just fake ones


I bought one of those "Mystery Power Boxes" a while ago out of curiosity. The mystery item was a Legendary Treasures pack. The mystery card was an old foil Entei (Wizards Promo #34)... but it had a bunch of glue on the front, and not the type that just pulls off easily. I threw it away, but I've already got at least a dozen of these from similar repackaged blisters so it wasn't a big deal. The coins also both had glue on their backs, which came off easier but still annoying.
Both of the code cards were for Plasma Storm (also covered in glue). I don't remember which packs I got exactly, but they were all legit XY-era.

I haven't seen those tins in stores but I personally wouldn't take the risk with them.


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I've read a number of posts on reddit/internet at large about them, and they seem pretty much universally disappointing. They're by MLL Holdings, the same guys that do a whole bunch of other "value add" repackagings.


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I've opened 4 of the blue boxes before. It contains 5 unweighed packs. The mystery item can be any black and white pack, a graded card, a small binder or the binder pack combo

The backwards card is glued. I got a Next destinies mewtwo ex from the darkrai vs mewtwo pack... Ive pulled 2 full arts and one secret rare from 4 boxes. As well as other exs.


WPM just posted a news article stating those tins are official products.

I had no idea. Now I'm tempted to pick up the Gengar tin, if it ever comes Stateside...


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I think I initially posted this in the wrong place. Going to post it again here just to be safe.


Canadian tin purchaser here, thought I'd share some info.

  • My tin included 1 Legendary Treasures, 1 XY, and 1 Furious Fists. Speaking with another person who bought one, it would appear they all have the same packs.

  • In both cases, these items were in the 'impulse' TCG section, rather than the proper TCG section. They're not meant to replace the 4-pack tins, they're more like fancy 3-pack blisters.

  • There is no code card for these tins. Don't worry, TCGO collectors.

  • The tins are roughly 2/3rds the depth of standard tins. Perfect for filling gaps in the shelf.

Here's a selection of images showing the height of the tin, and the art along the sides.


Y'all calling these out for being lazy are nuts. These are the best 'budget' item we've had in years. I'm really fond of the design -- they remind me of the old WoTC packaging. Never been a fan of the CGI stuff. Objectively though, they have a sturdier design. The lip around the bottom makes it so I don't feel as if I'm mangling the tin before I've even bought it. Maybe that's just a problem with my manhands, but it's a problem nevertheless.

Sadly they have a bit of trouble stacking on certain tins, since the bottom is a tad shallower. No issues on top of a flat DP-era tin, but on this Shiny Xerneas tin it falls right off.

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