20th Anniversary Set in September + Surfing Pikachu and M Slowbro-EX!

XY BREAK Concept Pack 20th AnniversaryA new set named “20th Anniversary Concept Pack” will be released in Japan on September 16th!

The set will have at least 87 cards, excluding secret rares. Venusaur, Charizard, Dragonite, Machamp, Starmie, and Ninetales will be some of the Generation I Pokemon featured. Each booster box will contain 15 booster packs, and each pack will have 10 cards, including a guaranteed holo card. This is all we know about the set at this time.

Also releasing alongside the set is a special “M Slowbro EX + Surfing Pikachu” blister pack! Each blister pack will contain three of the aforementioned “20th Anniversary Concept Pack” booster packs as well as four promo cards: Surfing Pikachu, Slowbro-EX, M Slowbro-EX, and a Slowbro Spirit Link! As we all know, Surfing Pikachu is a classic promo card in the TCG which has been reprinted a few times over the years.

XY BREAK 20th Anniversary Special Pack M Slowbro EX And Surfing PikachuSurfing Pikachu