20th Anniversary Set in September + Surfing Pikachu and M Slowbro-EX!

XY BREAK Concept Pack 20th AnniversaryA new set named “20th Anniversary Concept Pack” will be released in Japan on September 16th!

The set will have at least 87 cards, excluding secret rares. Venusaur, Charizard, Dragonite, Machamp, Starmie, and Ninetales will be some of the Generation I Pokemon featured. Each booster box will contain 15 booster packs, and each pack will have 10 cards, including a guaranteed holo card. This is all we know about the set at this time.

Also releasing alongside the set is a special “M Slowbro EX + Surfing Pikachu” blister pack! Each blister pack will contain three of the aforementioned “20th Anniversary Concept Pack” booster packs as well as four promo cards: Surfing Pikachu, Slowbro-EX, M Slowbro-EX, and a Slowbro Spirit Link! As we all know, Surfing Pikachu is a classic promo card in the TCG which has been reprinted a few times over the years.

XY BREAK 20th Anniversary Special Pack M Slowbro EX And Surfing PikachuSurfing Pikachu

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  1. theminelander Aspiring Trainer


    Water Energy Pikachu... Interesting.
  2. mordacazir Lord of Souls


    Surfing Pikachu. Enough said for me
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  3. Ashkai & Pikan I'm broken, can you fix me?
    Ashkai & Pikan


    Nice, another Surfing Pikachu promo to add to my collection!
  4. RiverShock Aspiring Trainer


    Fully expect a couple more old-card reprints here along the lines of Generations Slowpoke. The fact it's a "Concept Pack" might make this more likely, or I could also be way off base, lol. I guess now's as good a time as any to reprint Base Charizard again, alongside Venusaur and Blastoise. (At this point, I feel like Blastoise would be a welcome addition to the format, and, barring Charizard's resistance, which didn't stop its Stormfront print, Blastoise is the only one of the three with any real issues, since balancing could be a factor.)

    If the Starter trio isn't a thing, I'll go ahead and throw Base Ninetales and Pikachu out there as relatively safe predictions.
  5. Numelz Numelz Ariadoney Clear Nail Polish
    Numelz Numelz


  6. Gruffling Aspiring Trainer


    So the real question is how are we going to get this set? With Generations coming out all the way through December there's not a lot of room for it to be a special side set.
  7. So does that mean we can expect this 20th anniversary set to be part of (or all of ) our November release. Including M. Slowbro EX? Or will we instead receive the two EX's and the spirit link through another collection box?

    Okay, quick rundown time. Here is what we still need:
    M. Beedrill EX: Released w/link in Japan's CP4. Awaiting collection announcement
    M. Pidgeot EX: Not released
    M. Slowbro EX: Just announced w/link here, at least for Japan.
    M Steelix EX: Coming in Steam Siege, but haven't seen it yet.
    M. Sableye EX: Not released
    M. Sharpedo EX: Not released, should have done this in Primal Clash
    M. Camerupt EX: Not released, should have done this in Primal Clash
    M. Salamance EX: Not released yet
    M Latias EX: Not released yet
    M. Lopunny EX: Not released yet
    M. Pinsir EX: Not released yet
    M. Medicham EX: Not released yet
    M. Banette EX: Not released yet
    M. Garchomp EX: Released in Japan as a promo w/link. Awaiting collection announcement.
    M. Abomasnow EX: Not released yet

    The list does not include alternate types, which we know is feasible thanks to M. Charizard (X)EX being done in Flashfire and Generations but is probably not too likely at this point to happen.
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  8. Athena The Cooler Danchou

    Advanced Member Member

    Depends on what the contents are. If it's mostly reprints, it may not be released in English at all, outside of the few unique cards/promos (like the Slowbros) which could probably be lumped into a regular English set, probably the December set based on timing.

    If they do release the set as a bunch, it's a bit too large to be included as a mini-set like RC; 87+SRs is the size of a regular Japanese set, after all. I think I would place my money on it being sold in special multi-pack blisters like Double Crisis or Dragon Selection. If they wait to release it until January, it wouldn't be competing with Generations at all.
  9. james800519 Aspiring Trainer


    Ok so we won't get full art for slowbor,it's strange for collectors that not all MEGA can have full art cards
  10. Tails19950 Aspiring Trainer


    Agree with this. It would've been brilliant to collect!

    Half arts will have to do :(

    I don't see why we don't get Mega Pidgeot and Pinsir in this set too
  11. That ship long sailed there my friend. We have no mega full arts for anything from XY to Phantom Forces, instead getting secret rare gold bordered versions of the original M EX's. We didn't start getting full art megas until Primal Clash. To say nothing about the last four collections that had megas in them with no full arts or the three megas in Generations that also lack full arts.

    In all fairness we don't know the content of this set yet. We might very well get Mega Pidgeot and Mega Pinsir here.
  12. Metalizard Aspiring Trainer


    Here's what I think: This is our last XY set. Despite being advertised as a concept pack in Japan, the thing is, unlike Premium Champion Pack (which was released 1 month after Awakening Psychic King - our Fates Collide), this is being released in September, following the pattern of Japanese sets being release every three months (Blue Shock/Red Flash were released in September too, for example).
    From what I understand from the news post, the set will have secret rares, mimicking regular japanese sets in that way too. While they may be reprints, I doubt they'll be exact reprints like Premium Champion Pack. But I think they are indeed new cards (and hopefully we'll get Mega Pidgeot and Pinsir since this set focus on Gen 1).
    So, after this the next japanese set is supposed to be released in December, after Sun & Moon already came out, meaning the next japanese set will most likely be the first Sun&Moon set.

    How does this translate to us in the west? Simple, weather this is a set of reprints w/ new artwork or new cards, we need something for our November release so my guess is TPCi will treat this as a regular expansion and make this our last XY set.
    Sun & Moon are released in that month but we get our Sun&Moon set in February as usual, with maybe a starter set a bit earlier to bridge the gap, in the same way they did it at the beginning of XY...
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  13. Tails19950 Aspiring Trainer


    I think we should've gotten those in the Team Magma/Team Aqua set

    A bit strange that they wouldn't be on the cover then or revealed now if Pokemon like Ninetales and Starmie are...
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  14. Nyora A Cat


    Yeah I don't see why they didn't or at least make those two the other Megas in Primal Clash.
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  15. AgentMFilms The Anti-Meta One


    To add those two Mega Evolutions into Primal Clash would have made it a set with SIX Pokémon-EX :p you're both right in saying that they would have fit better into Double Crisis.
  16. Numelz Numelz Ariadoney Clear Nail Polish
    Numelz Numelz


    ah. I see
  17. TerminatorMewtwoMkX1 All hail psychic Shrek!


    As if Generations wasn't enough...
  18. If they had made those in Double Crisis they would have likely been owner Pokémon and I wouldn't want that. Glad they weren't in that mini set. But maybe some kind of premium set would have worked for them too.

    Oh and note the package cover says dummy on it, meaning it's not the official packaging for it at all.
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  19. Tails19950 Aspiring Trainer


    I for one wouldn't mind it,cbetter than not getting them at all in my opinion. Doesn't necessarily mean they'd have to be owned either, could've been a bonus like Absol and Jirachi from the first team aqua/magma set

    And you're right...I did see it said dummy... Butnreally? star minerals Ninetales before the two Megas?
    I'm not staying hopeful
  20. Well yeah, they could have been bonuses. Ah well, no sense worrying about that it's over and done. It is inevitable in my opinion that we will have at least on version of all the mega pokemon at some point. I would prefer they not be owned, especially by the bad guys. Again, over and done so it doesn't matter now.

    Judging by CP4 I have very little faith that we'll have one, let alone both, of the two gen 1 megas. Heck, judging by CP4 most of those cards might be 99% reprints. But we can always hope at any rate.