XY10 Spoiler Page, Lucario Can Deal 330-450 Damage!

Deerling XY10I’ve now compiled all of the XY10 cards that have been revealed thus far on to one page. You can access it from our TCG menu in the navbar going forward.

The translations for Lucario and Genesect-EX have both been corrected. You will find that Lucario is much more powerful than we originally reported. How powerful? Let’s just say it can deal 330 damage for just two Energy under the right conditions. (And up to 450 damage if there’s Sky Field).

Deerling was also randomly revealed this week. It’s been posted on that page.

We’ve decided to rename the Japanese translation of the set name to Awakening of the Psychic King now that we know the set name refers specifically to Alakazam and no other Psychic-types. The Japanese set names can be translated in many ways, especially when there’s no context for the names when the sets are first revealed.