Video: ‘Volcanion and the Mechanical Magearna’ Trailer #2!

Airing earlier today on Japanese variety show Oha Suta, the second trailer for the 19th Pokemon movie, Volcanion and the Mechanical Magearna, has now been uploaded to the official Japanese Pokemon YouTube channel.

Magerna is powered by something called the Soul Dew Soul Heart, which I’m guessing is what brought it to life. Magerna was created in Azoth Kingdom 500 years ago by the person at the beginning of the trailer, but it went missing sometime after. It now resides in an area called the “Navel Plateau,” which is where Volcanion lives (and since it’s a plateau, you can bet Volcanion blew away the land to create it).

Magerna is kidnapped by Azoth Kingdom’s corrupt minister (the crazy guy with the Mega Glalie and Mega Alakazam), who wants to use the power of Magerna’s “Soul Heart” to rule the kingdom (so typical). Now that the human-hating Volcanion and Ash are linked together by a mysterious device, they’re going to try to free Magearna and learn the mystery of the Soul Heart.

Dark Symbol MagearnaIt seems the minister is able to use his staff to Mega Evolve Pokemon in an unusual way. You don’t see the rainbow DNA symbol, it’s more of a dark scythe, and the Pokemon’s eyes glow purple as if they’re under his control. Could this be a new mechanic in Sun and Moon, the result of a bad guy using the Soul Heart, a stylistic choice to show he’s evil, or something else?

Mega Evolution is still a mystery, so maybe we’ll find out more about it in this movie.