‘Triple Power Tins’ Starting to Appear in Stores!

The Triple Power Tins will be released on March 8th but are already starting to appear in some stores. Each tin features either XY106 Gyarados-EX, XY107 Mewtwo-EX, or XY108 Machamp-EX as well as two BREAKpoint packs, one Primal Clash pack, and one Furious Fists pack. Thanks goes to The Charizard Authority for the images below!

Spring 2016 Pokemon EX Tins XY106 Gyarados EX XY107 Mewtwo EX XY108 Machamp EX
[prod ebay=”Triple Power Tin Pokemon Machamp Gyarados Mewtwo” amazon=”Triple Power Tin Pokemon Machamp Gyarados Mewtwoi”] [prod ebay=”Gyarados-EX XY106″ amazon=”Gyarados-EX XY106″] [prod ebay=”Mewtwo-EX XY107″ amazon=”Mewtwo-EX XY107″] [prod ebay=”Machamp-EX XY108″ amazon=”Machamp-EX XY108″]