First English ‘Fates Collide’ Cards!

Alakazam EX Fates Collide M Alakazam EX Fates Collide Zygarde Fates Collide has revealed the first English cards from Fates Collide – Alakazam-EX (#25/124), M Alakazam-EX (#26), and Zygarde (#52). The set will be released on May 4th and is our equivalent of Japan’s Awakening of the Psychic King, which was released two weeks ago.

Fates Collide SymbolThe English set symbol is a silhouette of Mega Alakazam’s head and its jewel (right).

Also, the translation for Bronzong BREAK was updated on our Fates Collide / Awakening of the Psychic King page. The page also has the English products and cards now.