Supposed Insider Information for Next Pokemon Games

You may remember our coverage of Pokemon X and Pokemon Y where we revealed insider information several months before the games were released, and then even more a few days later. Well once again, here we are!

Back in December we were contacted by an individual who claimed to have insider information about the next Pokemon games. Our standard policy is to immediately doubt anyone like this and ignore them.

However, the person was able to present undeniable proof about who they are and what their position is. Without going into too many details, it became very obvious they have played the next Pokemon games.

After Pokemon released some information about their 20th anniversary campaign, we saw some of the source’s information subtly hinted at by Pokemon. This is why I now believe we can verify them as a legitimate source and can share their information with you:

  • The two games have been in development for six years, longer than any main series Pokemon game in history. They are for the 3DS.
  • Junichi Masuda did not direct these games. He took a backseat this time around, working only as a composer and programmer.
  • Gamefreak is changing the way the Pokemon look in these games compared to the art style of X and Y. The Pokemon will look more realistic and animal-like.
  • Like OR/AS, there will be no character customization. It seems that feature will always remain exclusive to the Kalos region.
  • The first Gym Leader specializes in Rock, the second in Water, and the third in Electric. [WPM Note: Our source says they might have mixed them up.]
  • The rival is antagonistic and doesn’t want to be your friend.
  • This villainous team wants to steal powerful Pokemon for money.
  • Due to the Professor not knowing your gender, you will only be able to play as a male character.
  • To simplify Pokemon types, Dark, Steel, and Fairy will be removed from the games. Pokemon like Jigglypuff and Clefairy will be reclassified to pure Normal-type.
  • Bite, Gust, Karate Chop, and Sand Attack will all become Normal-type moves. Also, over 450 moves will no longer exist in the game.
  • Moves will no longer be individually classified as Physical or Special. To make things simpler, all Normal, Bug, Fighting, Flying, Ghost, Ground, Poison, and Rock-type moves will become Physical moves. All Dragon, Electric, Fire, Grass, Ice, Psychic, Water-type moves will become Special moves.
  • Special Attack and Special Defense will be merged into one stat called ”Special.”
  • Pokemon will no longer have Abilities.
  • TM’s can only be used once. HM’s are the same as before.
  • Due to hardware limitations, if your current PC box is full, you can’t catch another Pokemon. You have to manually change boxes before you can catch more Pokemon.
  • The Legendaries on the boxes will apparently be two bird Pokemon, either “Freezer” or “Fyre.” The third Pokemon is yellow and will probably be used for the third game in a few years. (Pokemon Yellow?)
  • There is another Legendary Pokemon that is Psychic-type and apparently the most powerful Pokemon in existence. It’s said to be the ancestor of all Pokemon and was created by humans. [WPM Note: Perhaps it’s responsible for resetting the world?]
  • There is another professor in the game who will give you a Pokemon named Eon. It can evolve into three different Pokemon with the use of special items.
  • Random trainers like Youngster Joey will no longer have names and will simply be referred to by their Trainer class.
  • The “Bicycle” item will be even harder to obtain than the Master Ball. It apparently is the most expensive item in Pokemon history.
  • There will be no Running Shoes.
  • Due to complaints about Pokemon teaching kids about the birds and the bees, Pokemon breeding will no longer be in these games. We’re not sure how they will remedy this.
  • Jynx will now appear black instead of purple due to complaints of racism from a critic named Violet Beauregarde.
  • There will be no clock or graphical differences at night.
  • If you surf along Cinnabar Island after talking to an old man, you can multiply your Master Balls to infinity.
  • Sleep now takes a full turn to recover from, meaning you can’t make a move and wake up from sleep in the same turn.
  • Freeze will take a full turn to recover from as well. Your Pokemon won’t be able to recover from the condition unless you have an Ice Heal, it the Pokemon gets hit by a Fire-type move, or if the move Haze is used.
  • By popular request, the Game Corner is returning in these games!
  • There are “PokeGods” in these games and a secret Pokemon you can catch called “Pikablu.” Our source says these are the biggest secrets of the games. To catch them, you’ll need to beat the Elite Four 999 times with a Level 1 Magikarp at the head of your party.
  • There is a special Pokemon hidden under a vehicle somewhere in the game.

Our source wished to remain anonymous, but he’s apparently a 27 year old who runs a Pokemon website called Pokerbeach. He says he’s played through the games many times. Most of what he reported is based on memory and might not be 100% accurate, though.

These next Pokemon games will apparently be released this Saturday, February 27th. What rumors have you heard about these new games? Are you a secret source as well? Let us know what insider info you know below! #insiderinfo

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  1. Saarebas Aspiring Trainer


    Clever girl.
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  3. MasterGallade @Mithrarin on Twitter

    Member took me until "To simplify Pokemon types, Dark, Steel, and Fairy will be removed from the games" to realize this whole thing was a cruel sick joke
  4. Water Pokémon Master I like Pokemon more than you. :D
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    What are you talking about? This is insider information about the next Pokemon games! It's real. :p
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    I was actually seruiously following through, but nice troll :p
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    Ha - good one!
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    This all looks really legit.. How much wil it cost? :p
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    Dude! This is old news! He's just talking about the Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow games coming up in a few days.


    ...Oh...Well...That happened...
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    This game sounds really terrible and stripped down. What is this, 1996?
  11. scattered mind Competitive VG Forums Mod
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    • Jynx will now appear black instead of purple due to complaints of racism from a critic named Violet Beauregarde.
    The best line.
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    That kinda bummed me out u.u
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    This game is going to be groundbreaking. I can't wait.
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    I was reading through this thinking some of the 'changes' might actually make pokemon interesting ><
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    So the Pokemon RBY games are coming this Saturday? I thought they already came out and that I was too lazy to check my 3DS.
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    Anyone that needed further than the Gym Leader types needs to facepalm so hard they knock their head clean off...

    Also, WPM, you really should've mentioned these are the next main-series games. Europe gets Pokemon Ranger on the Wii U eShop before these drop. ;p I'll give you a B for effort, though. (Also, in before Jynx isn't fully black in RGBY just because of the racism issues, lol. For all I know, reviewers have already shown it, though.)
  17. G-Panthera Panthera's Fiercest Fighter


    Pokémon Downgrade is coming folks! That's so awesome! Too bad, that the game hasn't yet adopted the widespread Gameboy spirite art style. Just think how awesome and revolutionary it would be.

    PS: Yes, I know its a joke. Just adding to the fun. :D
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    And we all know we'd buy it anyway.
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    Hot dang! I can't wait to catch Freezer and Fyre! They sound like awesome Pokemon. I bet Fyre will be my favorite of the two. :D

    I am a bit disappointed that "Random trainers like Youngster Joey will no longer have names and will simply be referred to by their Trainer class.". Now how will we know who's Rattata is in the top percentage!? D:
  20. Mitja veteran smartass



    I read the initial sentences and thought "what the heck? There is no way WPM is joining in on this rumour-nonsense-train..", then I looked at the first few points and realized what it is.

    Well played.
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