First Look at Mythical Mew Collection and ‘Generations’ Cards!

The Charizard Authority on YouTube was able to buy Mew’s Mythical Pokemon Collection ahead of its February 22nd release date, as you can see above! As posted before, each Mythical Pokemon Collection comes with a promo of the featured Pokemon, a pin, two Generations packs, and a PTCGO code card. Each box costs $12.99 and a new one will be released each month.

The XY110 Mew promo appears to be a glossy reverse holo card. It does not have the line patterns of other full art cards.

Each Generations pack contains 10 cards but does not come with a PTCGO code card. In the box opening video above, you can see him open 20 Generations cards. As expected, most of them are reprints or alternate art reprints.

In his first pack, he pulled a Fossil Slowpoke (modern era reprint), Machop from Furious Fists (alternate art reprint), Paras from BREAKthrough (alternate art reprint), Fire Energy, Krabby from Phantom Forces, Meowstic from Pokekyun Collection, Pinsir from BREAKthrough, Espurr from Pokekyun Collection, Persian from Ancient Origins, and Machoke from Furious Fists.

In his second pack, he pulled Gastly from BREAKthrough (alternate art reprint), Fire Energy, Tangela from Primal Clash, Zubat from Phantom Forces, Graveler from Flashfire, Pikachu from Pokekyun Collection, the new M Charizard-EX, Swablu from Pokekyun Collection, Olympia from Pokekyun Collection, and a reprinted Max Revive.

You can view Pokekyun Collection‘s images and translations in this news story – in America it’s called the second “Radiant Collection.” The cards retain the same patterns and ribbons as the Japanese cards (though unlike the Japanese cards, not all of them will be holographic).

The other alternate art reprint cards (below) will likely be released in Japan via the Premium Champion Pack, which will be released in April.

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