‘BREAK Evolution Box’ Also in Some Stores Early

“Releasing by” January 4th, the new BREAK Evolution Box has already started to appear at some Target stores for $29.99.

BREAK Evolution Box Empoleon BREAK Beheeyem BREAK Noctowl BREAK
[prod ebay=”BREAK Evolution Box” amazon=”BREAK Evolution Box”] [prod ebay=”Empoleon BREAK” amazon=”Empoleon BREAK”] [prod ebay=”Beheeyem BREAK” amazon=”Beheeyem BREAK”] [prod ebay=”Noctowl BREAK” amazon=”Noctowl BREAK”]

As posted before, it comes with Empoleon BREAK (XY134), a jumbo version of the same card, Beeheyem BREAK (XY135), Noctowl BREAK (XY136), five booster packs, and a PTCGO code card. Thanks goes to Barry O. for the images above!