Pokemon Red, Blue, Yellow to Cost $9.99 Each

Amazon.com has posted product listings for the 3DS Virtual Console versions of Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow, revealing they will be priced at $9.99 each. (As you can see to the right.)

When Red and Blue were originally released for Gameboy in America on September 30th, 1998, they cost $29.99 each, so the 3DS versions will be a third of the price. These 3DS versions are however over double the price of typical 3DS Virtual Console releases, but it’s Pokemon, so most fans will probably be willing to pay it. The new releases will likely bring in a lot of revenue for Pokemon.

All three versions are available for preorder on Amazon now. As posted before, they will be available for download starting February 27th, which is the original anniversary of Red and Green 20 years ago in Japan.

I should also take this opportunity to note that since news first broke about the updated releases, it’s been confirmed that you will only be able to play Red and Blue in black and white. The Gameboy Color options  won’t be available. Also, the Japanese will only be able to play Yellow in black and white since it was only updated to be in color for international releases. So poor Japan will have to play everything in black and white! Although I guess they won’t know the difference.

Which version(s) are you getting? I originally had Red but I’m a Water Pokemon Master so I might get Blue instead. I’ll probably buy Yellow after I finish one of the originals. I’m still hoping they put some sneaky modern Easter egg into the games. Also, I wonder how we’re going to get Mew, if at all. Will they put it in the game somewhere? Will we have to use the Mew glitch? So many questions!