Exclusive Mega Mewtwo Collections at Toys R Us with Pearl Figurine Finish

Mega Mewtwo X Pearl FigurineMega Mewtwo Y Pearl FigurineMega Mewtwo X Y Collection Pearl BackMega Mewtwo X Y Collections

Well this is something new!

Toys R Us stores are now carrying Mega Mewtwo Collections containing unique Mega Mewtwo figurines that are painted with a pearl finish. The packages are apparently exclusive to Toys R Us. All of the packages contain the pearl figures – there are no normal-colored ones.

I don’t know about you guys, but I’d be pretty disappointed to get colorless Mewtwo figures if I were a kid. They should have mixed in just a few of them with the colored figures to make them rare for collectors. Could painting them in one color and calling them “special” just be an excuse to save money on manufacturing costs? Why not give them Mewtwo’s shiny green colors? Am I being too negative here? :p

As posted before, each Mega Mewtwo Collection comes with a figure of either Mega Mewtwo X or Y, an XY100 Mewtwo or XY101 Mewtwo promo, two BREAKthrough packs, one Ancient Origins pack, and one Roaring Skies pack.

Thanks goes to @TWGaming for sending in the news!