‘BREAKthrough Collector’s Chest Tin’ Also Out Early!

Breakthrough Collector Chest TinBreakthrough Collector Chest Tin BackBreakthrough Collector Chest Tin Items AlbumBreakthrough Collector Chest Tin ItemsBreakthrough Collector Chest Tin Hoopa Coin

The BREAKthrough Collector’s Chest Tin won’t officially be out until November 18th, but some Wal-Mart stores already have it on shelves!

Each tin comes with five booster packs, XY88 Chespin, XY89 Pikachu, XY90 Hoopa promos, a coin, two sticker sheets, a mini album, a notepad, four pencils, and a TCGO code card. The whole package costs $24.99.

Thanks goes to 8-Bit bboc from YouTube for sharing the product on Facebook!