‘BREAKthrough’ Blister Pack Promos

Break Through BlistersAnd rounding off the last of BREAKthrough‘s product…

As I posted previously, the BREAKthrough one-pack blister comes with XY67 Jirachi or a special holo version of Hawlucha from Furious Fists. It also includes a pack of BREAKthrough and an old, silver Chespin coin. The entire blister pack costs a bank-breaking $4.98.

XY92 Sableye and XY93 Celebi are included in the BREAKthrough three-pack blisters, which come with the same Chespin coin and (obviously) three BREAKthrough packs. Each costs $11.98.

Thanks goes to YouTubers Gallade EX, 8-Bit bboc, and Pokemon Roundup for posting the images!