August Professor Rewards Now Shipping!

Professor Playmat Sycamore Stamped Promo

Pokemon Professors accrue points every time they work at events or run Pokemon Leagues. If they earn enough points, they are eligible to apply for special TCG merchandise in’s “Professor Store.”

Professors who applied for items in the store starting August 5th are now beginning to receive their items in the mail.

Items initially offered to Professors were a 2-pack of Professor Sycamore stitched holofoil cards with a “Pokemon Professor” stamp over the artwork (10 points), a P!P hat (35 points), a Generation I playmat featuring Pokemon Dream World artwork (40 points), and a red and black striped bowling shirt with the “Play! Pokemon” logo on it (50 points). You can see all of the items, spare the hat, above.

The items were the first new items offered in the Professor Store in close to a year.

Thanks goes to Brandon F. for the photo and information!