Hoopa, Charizard, and Rayquaza Deck Boxes, Sleeves, and Playmats in December!

Hoopa Unbound Mega Charizard Shiny Mega Rayquaza Deck Boxes Sleeves PlaymatsThis December, America will see the release of deck boxes, card sleeves, and playmats featuring Hoopa Unbound, Mega Charizard X/Y, and shiny Mega Rayquaza.

The card sleeves will come in a pack of 65 sleeves for $7.99. The Charizard and Hoopa sleeves were previously released in Japan, so this is one of the few times, if ever, that America is getting non-generic sleeves straight from Japan. (Although Charizard’s sleeves originally said “Mega Lizardon.”)

The deck boxes will cost $5.99 and feature the same artwork as the sleeves.

The neoprene playmats will cost $21.99. They are the “mouse pad” material.

We’ll also be getting generic Ken Sugimori Charizard playmats, sleeves, binders, and deck boxes within the next month, as I posted to our Twitter account a few weeks ago.