Green Blob Pokemon Revealed in ‘CoroCoro’

Green Blob Pokemon CoroCoro

CoroCoro has revealed the new green blob Pokemon – multiple ones – and tells us that the Pokemon will be appearing in Act IV of the Mega Evolution special ahead of next year’s film. The magazine asks if the green Pokemon is related to the giant silhouetted Pokemon from the trailer, so they likely are related or they wouldn’t be bringing it up. (I still think it’s Zygarde’s booger minions and part of its new body. :p)

The magazine has also revealed that Zygarde will be appearing in Act IV of the next Mega Evolution special, as you can see on the poster. The green blobs and Zygarde in the same special? Hmm…

CoroCoro promises to reveal more about the new Pokemon and the giant silhouetted Pokemon in next month’s issue.