XY-On Rotation Confirmed for 2016 Season

2016 Standard Format2016 Expanded Format

Pokemon.com has announced what most players expected: next season’s Standard format will start with the XY set. The Kalos Starter Set will also be included, meaning Crushing Hammer will remain in the format.

The Expanded format will continue to exist and will remain the same, starting with Black & White, and going up to the most recent set. The format is often used on the second day of events or in the top cut, allowing players to use a wider selection of cards.

As usual sets will become legal three weeks after their U.S. release date. Lysandre’s Trump Card will continue to be banned. (And due to its  ban, Pokemon will probably have to go out of their way to mention it in every announcement and document for years to come. XD)

The new rotation will begin September 1st.