‘CoroCoro’ Reveals New Pokemon for Next Year’s Film

CoroCoro New PokemonCoroCoro New Pokemon Silhouette

CoroCoro has revealed screenshots from the teaser trailer for 2016’s Pokemon movie, which will show after the Hoopa movie plays in theaters. The screenshots appear to show a new Pokemon, though it is silhouetted (of course).

We still need Zygarde and Volcanion in a film, and Zygarde is likely getting featured next because of Pokedex number, so this new Pokemon could just be a new forme of Zygarde. Thousand Arrows and Thousand Waves, two moves programmed into X and Y, are expected to be the signature moves of Zygarde’s new forme(s). Both are Ground-type attacks, and this new Pokemon certainly looks like a colossal Ground-type. Not to mention it’s just obvious Zygarde will be the mascot of the next game(s), like Rayquaza, Giratina, and Kyurem before it.

The text over the silhouette asks, “Is this a new Pokemon?” Since we don’t consider Giratina Origin Forme or Black and White Kyurem new Pokemon, the implication behind this question seems obvious. (Why question if it’s a new Pokemon, especially when its design doesn’t match any existing Pokemon? Because it’s probably not a new Pokemon, as would be the logical conclusion. It’s a forme.)

If you ask me it kinda looks like they mashed Groot and Zekrom together with some Evangelion thrown into it. :p