XY75 ‘Three-Match Rival Battle! Towards the Future!!’

Scottie is walking around with Ash and his friends, but he drops his journal on a bridge. Team Rocket picks it up and they see a picture inside of Steven wearing a key stone. When Scottie realizes the loss later, he panics and everyone goes back to the city to search for it without luck. Scottie reminiscences about his time in Hoenn, getting his Treeko from Professor Birch and all of the things that he learned and recorded, and talks about the time that he met Steven. He also reveals another Pokémon that he has, a Slurpuff!

Slurpuff runs off and manages to steal the journal out from James’s hands, but now it’s time for a battle with Team Rocket! Jessie and James send out their Pokémon, but they’re all easily blasted off by Treeko and Pikachu. Back in the town, Serena sees an advertisement for the next Pokémon Showcase in Dendemille Town. She tells Ash about the town and they decide to go there next. However, Scottie will be heading elsewhere to challenge more Gyms, so he and Ash decide to have a Pokémon battle before they part ways.

They decide to start off with Bagon and Pikachu. Scottie is impressed with Pikachu’s speed, and Bagon is soon knocked out with Iron Tail. Scottie then sends out his Slurpuff against Ash’s Hawlucha, though it’s knocked out with a Flying Press while Scottie is busy looking in his journal. The last round of the battle is Frogadier against Treeko. Treeko uses type advantage to its benefit, and after it is attacked, it evolves into Groyvle! Groyvle and Frogadier have a fast-paced battle, but Frogadier still emerges victorious. However, the two Pokémon have developed a rivalry! Scottie says his goodbyes to Ash, Serena, Clemont, and Bonnie, and they part ways to head off on their own adventures.

Next Episode: While traveling, Ash and his friends find a young, wild Noibat! Will it become the next member of someone’s team? If so, whose?


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