‘Blue Impact’ / ‘Red Flash’ Japan’s XY8 Sets, Next Set Block Titled ‘XY: BREAK!’

We now know the preliminary details for Japan’s XY8 set! Like several sets of the past, XY8 will be divided into two smaller sets: Blue Impact and Red Flash. Blue Impact will feature Mega Mewtwo X while Red Flash will feature Mega Mewtwo Y. Each set will contain at least 59 cards, excluding any secret rares, and will be released in Japan on September 25th.

Break Expansion Packs Mega Mewtwo X Y

The image above also touts a “New Development for the XY Series.” It turns out the name of Japan’s next set block will actually be “Pokemon XY: BREAK.” The whole “Break Evolution” keyword we posted the other week might in fact be whatever mechanic the sets are bringing to the TCG (as “Evolution” does not appear on the above image anywhere, meaning it must be the actual mechanic). As such, the full names of the sets are “Pokemon XY BREAK: Blue Impact” and “Pokemon XY BREAK: Red Flash.” Since Emerald Break introduced the whole quick Evolution thing, could it somehow be a hint to what these sets will be bringing?

Also releasing on September 25th are two 12-card packs called “Break Evolution Pack: Raichu Break” and “Break Evolution Pack: Noivern Break.” Their description says “Feel the Break Evolution,” so they’ll obviously be showcasing the new mechanic. Each pack will cost 500 yen.

Break Evolution Pack

And of course releasing alongside the set are the usual deck box, card sleeves, and a “Card Box” with 45 Energy cards (five of each), card dividers, and five “special cards.” The Energy cards will feature a brand new design! The card box will be able to fit over 250 sleeved cards and will cost 500 yen. Thanks goes to Michael S. for all the translations!

Break Evolution Deck Box ShieldPokemon Card Game Box Mega Mewtwo X Y