XY73 ‘Battle at the Fashion Show! Bagon VS Spritzee!!’

Ash and his friends finally arrive in Laverre City! Ash wants to head to the Gym right away, but Gym Leader Valerie is busy with a fashion show, so they decide to head there instead. Scottie, the young trainer that challenged Clemont’s Gym before, is already there looking to have a battle with Valerie as well and they all meet up for the first time.

While Serena and Bonnie look at fashion on display, Ash and Scottie decide to have a double battle outside. Ash uses Frogadier and Hawlucha while Scottie sends out his Treeko and Bagon. Serena and Bonnie are about to go watch the battle when they are approached by some Furisode Girls and are instead brought to meet Valerie and her Pokémon. Meanwhile, Ash and Scottie’s battle is interrupted by some music shortly after Frogadier knocks out Treeko, and they go to watch the fashion show. As they look around for Serena and Bonnie, imagine their surprise when they see them walk on the stage dressed in Valerie’s fashions!

Soon, Valerie herself emerges onto the stage and one of her helpers invites Scottie up onto the stage as a volunteer for a Pokémon battle! Scottie sends out his Bagon while Valerie chooses to use her Spritzee. Spritzee takes an early advantage due to its immunity to Dragon-type moves, then uses Dazzling Gleam to knock out Bagon in a single hit. Watching on, Ash knows he’ll have a strong opponent for his coming Gym battle. He eats a quick meal then goes off to train with his Pokémon and Scottie in preparation for the match.

Next Episode: Ash challenges Valerie for the Laverre City Gym Badge! Will he be able to overcome her powerful Fairy-type Pokémon?


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