XY69 ‘Battle in the Wetlands! Goodra VS Florges!!’

After a chance meeting with a Bellsprout and its trainer, Ash’s Goodra brings Ash and his friends to the old wetlands where it used to live with its friends. The area was taken over by a large group of Pokémon led by a Florges in order to use the healing waters of the wetlands and Goodra’s friends are forced to live in just a small section of what was once their home.

Meeting up with its friends again, Goodra decides to lead a rebellion against the Florges’s takeover. Things quickly spiral into a large-scale battle with Goodra and its companions fighting against the swarms of Bug-type Pokémon that Florges sends against them. Florges itself sets up a Grassy Terrain and sends powerful Solar Beams against Goodra and the Pokémon it’s protecting.

With Ash shouting encouragements in the background, Goodra learns Ice Beam and sends the attack at Florges However, it is hit with a sneak attack from behind by Team Rocket and a smoke bomb hides the retreat of Florges and its followers. While Ash treats Goodra’s injuries, Team Rocket makes a deal with Florges, who sends some of its bug Pokémon off to capture Pikachu and Dedenne!

Next Episode: Goodra is healed of its ailments, but will they be able to solve their problems with Florges and Team Rocket? What will become of Pikachu and Dedenne?


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