'Bandit Ring' Booster Box Revealed; Whimsicott, Gardevoir in Set

Bandit Ring Gardevoir

Distributors have uploaded images of Bandit Ring‘s booster box image as well as a higher resolution image of the booster pack image I posted yesterday. The booster box shows Cottonee on the side, meaning Whimsicott will be in the set. Gardevoir is also shown on the side, so we’ll get the first Stage 2 one of the XY era (even though Gardevoir just had an EX and Mega Evolution in the set before last – the TCG has always loved Gardevoir and its pre-evolutions!). The set will be released on June 20th, with Legendary Holo Collection coming out July 18th.

Bandit Ring Booster Box Bandit Ring Booster Pack