Here’s a List of All the Latest Pokemon TCG Products You Can Buy!

Here at PokeBeach I always post new Pokemon TCG products as soon as I hear about them, which is usually months and months before they ever hit store shelves. As a result of the products being spread across long spans of news stories, I constantly get e-mails from fans asking if so-and-so product is out yet or if I’ve seen so-and-so product they just bought at Target (which I appreciate – I love when you guys send me photos, even if you’re not sure if I posted about it yet). So this week I thought, “why not make a compilation post so everyone is on the same page and knows what’s out there?”

The following is a list of all TCG products that have been released since November, including some Japanese merchandise I covered in previous stories. Not all stores carry each product, and many don’t even put them out when they’re supposed to, so I’ve also included links to eBay and Amazon if you want to buy them online (which is surprisingly a cheaper option for many of them, as I found out when compiling the links). Enjoy!