More ‘Double Crisis’ Cards Revealed in ‘CoroCoro Ichiban’

CoroCoro Icihiban‘s Pokemon TCG XY manga has revealed several new cards that will be in Double Crisis!

Double Crisis Manga

  • Team Aqua’s Spheal, Team Aqua’s Sealeo, and Team Aqua’s Walrein are Water-types in the set.
  • Team Magma’s Aron, Team Magma’s Lairon, and Team Magma’s Aggron are Fighting-types in the set.
  • Double Aqua Energy and Double Magma Energy are in the set. Like the original cards, they will both provide 2 Energy to their respective Team’s Pokemon, though this time around it’ll be 2 [W][W] or 2 [F][F] Energy since the Pokemon are no longer dual Darkness type like in the original set (Magma’s typing is not yet confirmed).
  • Team Aqua Great Ball and Team Magma Great Ball are in the set and will likely be spiritual successors to Team Aqua Ball and Team Magma Ball.
  • Poochyena and Mightyena will be in the set, though under the ownership of whom is unknown (they could be under the ownership of both teams too).
  • As expected, Team Magma’s Zangoose and Team Aqua’s Seviper will be in the set, as will Team Magma’s Hideout (after Team Aqua’s Hideout was previously revealed).
  • Archie and Maxie cards aren’t confirmed in the set yet, but they are a real possibility.

Thanks goes to our Twitter friends @pokecamatome, @karubiimunomono, and @ham_EX for notifying us of this news! Double Crisis will be released in Japan next week on January 30th, and we’ll of course have scans and translations before then, so be sure to check back!