Worlds 2014 Decks Now in Stores!

The Worlds 2014 decks are now available at local card shops! Each of the four packages comes with a World contender’s deck, a Pikachu pin, a deck box, and a booklet. The booklet contains Worlds 2014’s tournament standings, player profiles, deck listings, photos, and more.

Emerald King Deck Trevgor Deck Plasma Power Deck Crazy Punch Deck

The decks featured are Andrew Estrada’s “Emerald King” deck, Trent Orndorff’s “Trevgor” deck, Haruto Kobayashi’s “Plasma Power” deck, and Michikazu Tsuda’s “Crazy Punch” deck. The first three players are the winners of each age division while the fourth player is the 3rd place Masters semifinalist. Like all Worlds decks, the cards feature special backs and are not tournament-legal.

It appears the location for Worlds 2015 is not mentioned in the booklets. I have asked players who purchased the decks to double-check the booklets and will post a new story if the location is revealed. As we reported previously, the location for Worlds 2015 supposedly fell through at the last minute because of a logistical issue with Pokemon’s Japanese management. Since these decks were probably sent to the printers right after Worlds, the location might not have been solidified in time to mention in the booklets.