Pokemon TCG Coming to Russia in October!

Update (8:45 PM) – Added the official YouTube trailer below. As our members pointed out, the card templates are a bit different.

After Pokemon’s tumultuous history in Russia, Nintendo and TPCi have announced that the Pokemon TCG will be released in Russia on October 6th with the release of XY! The cards will be written in actual Russian, adding a new language to the TCG’s current repertoire of Japanese, English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and Korean. We at PokeBeach are excited to welcome Russian Pokemon TCG fans!

Russian fans who visit Moscow’s Comic-Con event from October 2nd to 5th will also be able to purchase XY booster packs and theme decks from Nintendo’s booth before the product officially hits stores shelves. Thanks goes to Dima Y. for the heads up on this story!

Pokemon in Cyrillic