‘Furious Fists’ Launch Kit Promos Revealed, More Blister Promos

In June we announced a new type of Pokemon TCG product called the Furious Fists Launch Kit. The kit was to come with 72 packs, 8 theme decks, and 16 promos – and now we know the promos are just Slurpuff and Trevenant from the set’s 3-pack blisters. Thanks goes to Josh B. for the news!

Update (11:00 PM) – We now have scans of the single-pack blister promos Gogoat (XY16) and Zoroark (galaxy holo reprint) thanks to WaterAndGrass!

Furious Fists Launch Kit Slurpuff and Trevenant Promos Furious Fists Promo Gogoat Furious Fists Promo Zoroark