VGC ‘Premiere Challenges’ in April for North America

A new type of Play! Pokemon event for the video games called “Premiere Challenges” will run in North America from April 21st to June 23rd. Each event will award Championship Points to the top players of each age division. Just like the other premiere video game events, the Premiere Challenges will run under VGC rules and player’s teams will be scanned for legitimacy. Depending on the tournament organizer, there may also be entry fees and prize support.

These tournaments are ticketed as a pilot program: TPCi has only selected 58 tournament organizers to run them and each TO can only run up to two of them during the test period. Many U.S. states have one TO running them (two possible events). Other states have more, such as California with three TOs, Texas with three, and New York with two. Canada has six TOs and Mexico has one. It is expected that these events will eventually run worldwide. We’re not sure when TPCi will announce the event, but it is expected to happen soon.