AZ’s Floette Unlocked in ‘X’ and ‘Y’

AZ’s Floette has been unlocked in X and Y through cheat codes. In addition to being unable to evolve, its stats are higher than a normal Floette: while Florges has a base stat total of 552, AZ’s Floette has a total of 551, with 74 HP / 65 Attack / 67 Defense / 125 Sp. Attack / 128 Sp. Defense / 92 Speed. Perhaps Gamefreak made it 1 point short of a Florges to show that it reached its full potential as a Floette in its 3,000+ years of life.

AZ’s Floette’s form gets added to Floette’s Pokedex page once you obtain it. The form is called the “Eternal Flower” form, which is also the name of the flower that it holds.

The Pokemon’s signature move is Light of Ruin, which it learns at Level 50. The attack is Fairy-type, deals 140 damage, has 90% accuracy, 5 PP, and damages Floette with recoil. We will probably get AZ’s Floette with Light of Ruin for an event distribution in 3,000 years.