Digitially Remastered ‘Mewtwo Strikes Back’ Airing Tomorrow at 8:30 AM

That child’s blood-red eyes…

Cartoon Network will be playing a widescreen, digitally remastered version of Mewtwo Strikes Back tomorrow at 8:30 AM. The movie was originally released by 4Kids and Warner Bros. in March 2000 when the trend was to crop kids’ movies to “full screen” to fit the aspect ratio of 4:3 televisions, which were common back in the 90s/early 2000s. This was to avoid “black bars” above and below the picture. But since most people have widescreen TVs now, that’s no longer a problem, and the film has been restored to its original widescreen ratio. Hopefully it will be re-released too!

Next Saturday, Cartoon Network will also play the Genesect movie at 8:30 AM followed by the half-hour Mewtwo – Prologue to Awakening prequel.