Pokemon X Live Playthrough Tonight (No Spoilers Here Yet)

Update: Having technical difficulties. -_-

My copies of X and Y arrived yesterday and I’ve been dying to play them. I have one last film class at Disney’s studios in a bit and then I’m heading home around 11:00 PM to begin streaming my play-through (California time). Keep your eyes peeled here if you want to watch (or hide from here if you don’t).

We’ll have a chat room and forum thread up so those of you who want to participate can do so. The games will be released in other countries around when I start, so I figured I would just start it now since a bunch of fans will have them. I actually have done everything I can to avoid the leaks these past two weeks, so it’s totally understandable if you don’t want to watch or visit the site over the next couple of days (unfortunately as a fan site I have to start covering the games now, but were I not a Pokemon webmaster, I would definitely be avoiding the Internet like a plague).

Also, I’ve never done a live stream before so it will definitely be an experiment!

Our Facebook page and my Twitter account will remain spoiler-free.